Full-service marketing: From the very start to a stable NGO with filled study program, growing ever since.

In a world where tech education often follows a set pattern, 42 Prague aimed to disrupt the norm with their mantra: “No teachers, no classes, no tuition.” And together with 42, we didn’t just spread the word; we started a movement, drawing in thousands of status-quo breakers.


1.Engaged over 10,000 applicants
for the 42 Prague study program!

2.Secured funding and stabilized the whole
project already in the first year!

3.A huge 25% increase in user engagement,
on average, every quarter!

Initial challenge

The tech world is ever-evolving, and conventional education methods are struggling to keep up. 42 Prague envisioned a paradigm shift, aiming to redefine tech education and attract a diverse, passionate community of learners. The challenge? Czech parents are rooting for traditional education and more specifically, university degrees. We needed to find a way to communicate this “university alternative” effectively and build trust online.

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Our Approach / Strategy Breakdown



Embark on a deep-dive into the market’s heart. By meticulously analyzing customer behaviors, preferences, and pain points, we unveil opportunities and challenges tailor-made for your startup.



Leveraging both online and offline channels, we reached potential learners where they were most active – social media, billboards, media, video ads etc.


Authentic Content

Real stories, challenges, and successes from the 42 Prague community were shared, creating a genuine connection between students and applicants.


Precise evaluation
and media planning:

We used data to pinpoint where and when to engage our audience, ensuring efficient use of resources and maximum impact for 42 Prague.

Key results

1.Made 42 Prague the go-to institution for tech education in the region.

2.Built a strong, engaged learning
community around 42 Prague’s unique

3.Set 42 Prague apart as a leader in
modern, alternative education methods.

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