advertia digital s.r.o.
Jankovcova 1627/16a
170 00, Praha – Holešovice
Česká republika

IČO: 27086411
DIČ: CZ27086411
Městský soud v Praze,
odd. C vložka 95227


Invitations to tenders, requests for services or other forms of partnerships.

Media and PR

Direct line to our PR representative, Jan Hostinsky, from Punchline agency.

Available positions

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Billing data and contacts

ID: 27086411
VAT: CZ27086411


Jankovcova 1627/16a,
3rd floor

Parking is possible in the area, please inform us in advance if you want to park.

The nearest public transport stop is V Přístavu and Ortenovo náměstí (5 minutes on foot) or Maniny (10 minutes on foot).

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