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Amplifying a tech leader’s voice on digital platforms.

For over four years, our partnership with ABB has been about more than just digital amplification. It’s been a journey of continuous innovation, pushing boundaries, and setting new standards in digital engagement for a global tech leader.


1.Elevated ABB’s social media engagement rates
across platforms, maintaining a consistent
growth trajectory over four years.

2.Successfully executed and innovated
numerous workshops, enhancing ABB
employees’ engagement year after year.

3.Consistently introduced and executed
fresh, innovative ideas, making ABB’s
nationwide communication resonate.

4.Curated and published a special edition
book, turning children’s visions of the future
into a tangible testament to ABB’s goals.

Initial challenge

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, ABB faced the challenge of not just maintaining but enhancing its leadership presence. The goal was to create meaningful, innovative engagements that resonate with both their internal community and the global audience.

Our Approach / Strategy Breakdown


Social Media

Comprehensive content strategies tailored for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, ensuring consistent and impactful brand messaging.



Organized workshops and educational sessions, turning ABB employees into brand ambassadors.



From the ‘Future of Mobility’ drawing contest to publishing a visionary book, we constantly pushed the boundaries of conventional corporate communication.

Key results

1.Positioning ABB as a digital communication
pioneer among Fortune500 companies.

2.Fostered a culture of innovation and engagement
within ABB, driving both internal and external
brand enthusiasm.

3.Successfully bridged the gap between ABB’s tech
solutions and the wider audience, making complex
tech narratives relatable and engaging.

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