Website & Media Communication: Revitalising brownfields with Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO).

In a unique collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, CzechInvest aimed to spotlight the untapped potential of brownfields in the Czech Republic. Our mission was more than just a campaign; it was about igniting a nationwide movement, and eventually turning brownfields from overlooked plots into sought-after investment opportunities.


1.Spearheaded 893 media outputs, a significant
230% leap from the previous year.

2.Successfully introduced the topic across
media, including prime-time TV segments.

3.Achieved a shocking Advertising Value
Equivalent (EVA) of over 8 million USD.

Initial challenge

Brownfields, rich with potential, were largely overshadowed in the national discourse. The task was not merely to raise awareness but to catalyze a paradigm shift, positioning brownfields as prime locales for innovation and development.

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Our Approach / Strategy Breakdown



Beyond traditional PR, we ignited a movement, making brownfields a national talking point and a symbol of sustainable development.



Through workshops, social media campaigns, and unique initiatives like the kids drawing contest, we painted a vivid picture of brownfields’ potential.


Content that

We crafted narratives that resonated with the public, turning brownfields from abstract concepts into tangible opportunities.



Worked hand-in-hand with CzechInvest and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, ensuring a unified and impactful message.

Key results

1.Catalyzed a national trend, with a high
surge in real demand for brownfields.

2.Helped to start reconstitution of several
brownfields, just a few months after launch.

3.Hyper-boosted interest of all stakeholders
– investors and politicians and citizens.

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