Hate Couture: Brand campaign against the haters.

In an era where online hate is rampant, Diesel took a stand, turning negativity into a fashion statement. The “Hate Couture” campaign wasn’t just about clothes; it was a global movement, featuring icons like Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, and others, challenging the status quo and embracing criticism.


Launched the global “Hate Couture” campaign, resonating with audiences from Milan to Tokyo.

Achieved a XYZ% surge in brand engagement during the campaign’s duration.

Secured XYZ million views on campaign-related content, making it one of Diesel’s most-watched campaigns.


1.Launched the global “Hate Couture” campaign,
resonating with audiences from Milan to Tokyo.

2.Achieved a 80% surge in engagement
during the campaign’s duration.

3.Connected with offline store events, where
customers did their DIY branded clothes.

Initial challenge

In the age of social media, hate is omnipresent. Diesel’s challenge was to transform this hate into a fashion-forward message, ensuring it resonated globally without losing its core essence.

Our Approach / Strategy Breakdown



Collaborated with global icons like Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Bella Thorne, and more, leveraging their influence to amplify the campaign’s reach.



Developed narratives that turned hate comments into powerful fashion statements, ensuring the campaign was both relatable and impactful.



Utilized a multi-platform strategy, from social media blitzes to high-impact video content, ensuring a consistent global buzz.

Key results

1.Reinforced Diesel’s image as a
fearless, trend-setting brand.

2.Successfully turned a global issue into a fashion
statement, resonating with audiences worldwide.

3.Set a new standard for how brands can
tackle social issues with creativity and flair.

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