Bold contemporary vs Classic elegance – distinct narratives in making.

In the dynamic world of fashion, Hugo and Boss emerged as two distinct narratives under a single brand umbrella. Our task was to accentuate the individuality of each, while maintaining the overarching brand ethos.


1.Successfully differentiated the two brand stories,
leading to a clearer market positioning.

2.Achieved a 20-35% increase in targeted
sales for each brand segment.

3.Garnered social media mentions, highlighting
the acknowledgement of the brand split.

Initial challenge

With two powerful styles under one name, the challenge was to ensure each had its own voice and appeal, without overshadowing the other or diluting the overall brand value.

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Our Approach / Strategy Breakdown



Tailored campaigns to resonate with the target audience of each brand, ensuring authenticity.



Crafted distinct brand stories, emphasizing Hugo’s bold contemporary style and Boss’s classic elegance.



Organized events and showcases tailored to the ethos of each brand, further solidifying their individual identities.

Key results

1.Successfully established two strong,
individual brand identities in the market.

2.Enhanced customer clarity, leading to
more targeted and effective purchasing.

3.Reinforced the brand’s reputation for innovation
and adaptability in the fashion industry.

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