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Crafting showcases to unveil a new product’s potential.

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, a suite of business applications, was poised to redefine enterprise solutions. Our mission was to unveil its potential, ensuring it wasn’t just another software but a transformative tool for businesses.


1.Facilitated successful product demos, highlighting
the unique features of Dynamics 365.

2.Designed show cases to business development
for product inquiries post-launch.

3.Assisted on testing the beta version,
to help with troubleshooting and iterations.

Initial challenge

In a saturated market of business solutions, the challenge was to position Dynamics 365 not just as a new product, but as a game-changer for enterprises.

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Our Approach / Strategy Breakdown



Designed immersive product demos, allowing businesses to experience Dynamics 365 firsthand.



Developed insightful content, highlighting real-world applications and benefits of the software.



Created several customer journey within the product to showcase how complex the new marketing extention is within Microsoft365.

Key results

1.Helped Microsoft Dynamics365 for Marketing
with presenting their new product features.

2.Facilitated use cases for businesses ensuring
they harness the full potential of the software.

3.Microsoft position strengthen as a leader in
enterprise solutions, now including marketing.

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