Supply < Demand: Cult brand market entry turned into instant sell-outs.

When Off-White, a global fashion powerhouse, aimed to penetrate the Czech market, we ensured its entry was nothing short of spectacular. The result? Immediate brand recognition and sell-outs.


1.Successfully spotted that Off-White
is ready to enter the Czech market.

2.Every product drop was an instant sell-outs,
showcasing the brand’s immense demand.

3.Supported activities with digital promotion,
amplifying the brand’s digital presence.

Initial challenge

When we first came up with an idea to bring Off-White to the Czech Republic, there was no official point of sale, yet there where tens of thousands search quiries for “Off-White” in the Czech Republic. The LBM, a local seller decided to take the initiative. We help them with the launch.

Our Approach / Strategy Breakdown



Identified key fashion influencers and trendsetters to collaborate with, ensuring the brand’s message was amplified.



Leveraged social media and online platforms for product launches, creating anticipation and buzz.



Organized exclusive launch events, creating a sense of exclusivity and desire.



Every step of the way, we made sure we gather the audience, so that we can reconnec with them, via mail or retargeting.

Key results

1.Established Off-White as a must-have
streetwear brand in the Czech Republic.

2.Consistently maintained high demand,
ensuring every product launch was a success.

3.Solidified Off-White’s reputation as a
trendsetter in the Czech fashion scene.

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