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360 Communication: Websites, B2B campaigns, digital avatars and more!

Throughout the years we’ve grown both business and trust. Started with digital strategy for their key product: eDoCat. From there we worked on various projects, such as visual communication, creation of digital avatars, conversion landing pages or omni-channel digital advertising for Pipedrive in Czechia. Our current focus is “communication rebranding”.


1.Kickstarted the communication of IT product,
resulting in new business opportunities.

2.Produced digital-first Pipedrive campaign
with videos, delivering quality leads.

3.Defined and visualized a coomunication
goal for Onlio – Onlio Group.

Succes with Digital Avatars

We know that faceless visuals can’t touch your feeling as much as the ones with. But since we needed a compromise that allows fast production, we’ve developed digital avatars. Their DMS product eDoCat now have an avatar that helps explaining the product. Pipedrive even have a digital version of Pavel, a real Business Director that appears in both real and digital versions.

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Our Approach / Strategy Breakdown


baby steps:

When creating a growth strategy in digital marketing, especially in B2B, it is important to carefully plan the initial expenses so that we don’t run of of budget without business results.


Focus on

One way how to succeed in B2B industry is to be visually more appealing that the rest, that is usually still underestimating digital B2B advertising and its growing pontential.


every step:

Being with their sales team in direct contact, it is crucial to set all measurement and evaluate them or a regualr basis. That means every step of the customer journey, from first impression to a signed deal.



Since marketing, sales and business are all interconnected, Onlio Group invited us to discuss the broader mission, vision of all their business activities. Something we do regularly.

Key results

1.Successfully stabilized lead generation for
two revenue streams: eDoCat and Pipedrive.

2.Catalyzed a communication report
that led to “Onlio Group” marcomms.

3.Growing in business as well in trust,
we see each other as partners now.

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