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Advanced UX & Web Design for an automobile legend.

As Praga, the legendary car producer grows, their product portfolio grows with them, producing on only racing super cars, but carts and planes as well. We got the opportunity to make new UX and webdesign experience for this brand. We aimed for next level user experience.


1.Mapped out all needed information pieces
to present on the branded website.

2.Developed complex UX including wireframes
to capture all possible customer journeys.

3.Designed and developed new web presentation
including advanced motions and animations.

Initial challenge

When Praga gave trust in us, their brief was simple: Make us the best car website out there. That doesn’t sound like an easy task, right?

Our Approach / Strategy Breakdown



Scanned local and global rivals, to have a better understanding about the target audiences as well as the product offerings.



Started with customer, what does he/she need to learn first? How to put all the information in an intuitive web architecture? Customers told us.



Created a new visual concept for Praga, taking their new logo and designing a new web design including new brand codes and visual communication.



Prepared all needed measuring for continuous control over the website data, as well as gathering insights for web optimizations.

Key results

1.Developed an award winning website.

2.Helped Praga to get with its online
presence among Europe’s best.

3.Helped to not only redesign a
website but their brand as well.

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