Startup Marketing: Launching and scaling carsharing leaders, SmileCar/HoppyGo.

From its humble beginnings as SmileCar to its extraordinary evolution into HoppyGo, Škoda X embarked on a mission to reshape how we think about mobility. The long term results of our work didn’t just navigate the carsharing landscape; we defined the very industry it operates in.


1.Garnered 5,000 thousand app downloads
within months before the launch.

2.Established HoppyGo as the largest
Czech peer-to-peer carsharing platform.

3.Set a standard for community building:
10% user growth rate, every month!

Initial challenge

In a cultural landscape where the adage “You don’t lend out your car or your girlfriend” held sway, introducing the concept of peer-to-peer carsharing was no small feat. The dual challenge was multifaceted: Disrupt this prevailing mindset, illuminate the benefits of carsharing, and position HoppyGo as the trusted platform for both car owners and renters.

Our Approach / Strategy Breakdown


Digital Domination:

Designed and launched a user-centric app, complemented by a robust digital marketing strategy, driving downloads and user engagement.


Full-Service Support:

From branding and design to marketing and digital, we’ve provided end-to-end solutions that ensured HoppyGo’s dominance in the market.


Community Building:

Engaged with users, gathering feedback, and continuously refining the platform to meet and exceed expectations.


Market Education:

Launched campaigns to educate the market about the benefits of peer-to-peer carsharing, positioning HoppyGo as a pioneer in the industry.

Key results

1.Positioned HoppyGo as the undisputed
leader in the local carsharing market.

2.Established a loyal user base, driving consistent
growth and setting industry standards.

3.Played a crucial role in shaping the
carsharing industry in the region.

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