Comeback strategy and omni-channel campaign to reignite the Czech market: “Swatch is back!”

Swatch, a name synonymous with time itself, wanted to boost its brand in today’s fast-paced market with a “re-entry strategy”. Our collaboration was not just about bringing Swatch back; we gave it a fresh story for a new generation, making sure the brand stays strong in the digital age with all  the latest e-commerce site standards intact.


1.Successfully relaunched Swatch with BIG
BOLD collection, targeting youngsters.

2.Announced and opened a flagship store in
the city center, securing physical presence.

3.Achieved a 120% jump increase in online
sales with the new e-commerce site.

Initial challenge

With so many digital watches out there, Swatch needed to stand out. The goal was to keep loyal customers and attract new ones. Another goal was to react to the audience polarity between Apple Watches and other tech gadgets and luxury watches. So we created a third – the all ways / all occasion watch – Making Swatch cool again! Among younger audiences.

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Our Approach / Strategy Breakdown



Designed and launched a state-of-the-art e-commerce website, ensuring a seamless user experience and integrating the latest e-commerce capabilities.



Introduced the “Big Bold” collection with strategic marketing campaigns, resonating with the younger audience’s aspirations and style.



Leveraged influencers and kickstarted Swatch’s social media presence, creating buzz and engaging with the target demographic.



Spearheaded the launch and promotion of a flagship boutique in Prague, ensuring Swatch’s physical presence complements its digital strategy.

Key results

1.Brought Swatch successfully back
to the market with a modern touch.

2.Reborned watches into “the fashion
thing” of today’s younger generations.

3.Established a strong online presence,
increasing sales and engagement.

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