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Visual identity and complex marketing strategy that delivers B2B business results.

We helped to build (branding-wise) and grow (marketing-wise) one of the best accounting companies in CEE. We’ve been given the trust to come up with long-term content and marketing strategy, refresh the visual communication and start growing their online audience. Within two years, ThisOne got among industry opinion leaders with rapid growth numbers.


1.Rebranded ThisOne in a truly
future-oriented company.

2.Refreshed all the digital touchpoints,
set up analytics and digital ads.

3.With regular content, we attract new
clients and with ads we convert them.

Initial challenge

ThisOne reached out to us with a brief for B2B digital advertising. Since we partner up with B2B brands for long-term cooperations, we needed to setup up the strategy first. After that, we needed to start executing our marketing goals, that is where B2B performance marketing starts.

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Our Approach / Strategy Breakdown



We wanted to be bold, we designed ThisOne brand to resemble future, technology, crypto and other challenges that ThisOne masters. That is what makes them different.


B2B marketing

B2B is specific, the marketing mix of activities differs from standard communication. We’ve developed plan that combines organic and paid communications, as well as supporting activites.


is the key:

Since the strategy, both our team and ThisOne’s have been consistenly delivery activities and outcomes as strategized. In 3 month, we’ve started to see increase in business opportunities, in 6 months we started to started to achieve ROI of 250% and more, regularly.



Since the business is growing, we support with them with HR campaigns on demand. We run a job opportunity digital ads targeted on people in the accounting industry. Results are instant.

Key results

1.We help ThisOne with visual and content
strategy that delivers stable B2B results.

2.ThisOne was differentiated to stand
out and is currently an opinion leader.

3.Our content, marketing and branding
activities deliver an ROI of > 250%.

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