Local Market Entry: Starting and growing new furniture brand ft. Tatiana Kucharova.

With a goal of setting a new benchmark for furniture e-commerce, Vivense partnered with advertia digital to enter the Czech market with experts. The enlistment of Tatiana Kucharova, a beloved figure known for her style and grace, as the brand’s long-term ambassador, was a testament to our commitment to excellence and local relevance.


1.Successfully launched Vivense, including
website analytics, ads and newsletters.

2.Reached over 50 % of target audience in the
first months after launch, growing recognition.

3.Signed Tatiana Kucharova for special
ambassadorship and selections.

Initial challenge

Entering a new market is always a challenge, more so in a country with distinct tastes and a strong preference for traditional brands. The Czech furniture market was dominated by established local and international players, making it imperative for Vivense to not only introduce a new brand but also to establish it as a viable alternative to the status quo. Additionally, building trust online, where tactile experience is absent, was crucial for convincing customers to make significant purchases such as furniture.

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Our Approach / Strategy Breakdown



To effectively engage the digital-savvy Czech market, we crafted an immersive online experience for Vivense, underpinned by thorough market analysis to understand customer behavior and preferences. This strategy was complemented by localizing Vivense.cz with content and design aesthetics tailored to resonate with the Czech audience, ensuring a direct and appealing communication.


Influencers and
Social Media:

To capitalize on Tatiana Kucharova’s popularity and connect with our target demographic, we integrated her into key visuals and narratives, enhancing our strategy with social media campaigns on platforms favored by our audience to boost engagement. Additionally, we collaborated with local influencers, including showcasing our furniture in real homes through them, adding an authentic touch to our brand’s presence.


Authentic Content
and Storytelling:

Centering on the narrative behind each furniture piece and the brand’s ethos, we crafted engaging content, such as blog posts, videos, and social media stories, that spotlighted design processes, customer experiences, and personal picks from Miss World. Additionally, we emphasized customer-centric initiatives by encouraging user-generated content, fostering a sense of community and trust through authentic real-life experiences.



To maximize reach and engagement, we employed targeted online advertising, leveraging data analytics to refine our campaigns for the most receptive audiences. Our approach included rigorous performance tracking, allowing us to continuously tweak our strategies based on real-time data, thereby boosting ROI across all digital platforms.

Key results

1.Established Vivense as a stylish online
destination for furniture & decor shopping.

2.Cultivated ever-growing
customer base in CZ.

3.Successfully entered the marketing
without a need for offline retail shops.

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